Global Capital Markets

SwissInvest has a long track record of matching buyers and sellers of debt securities thanks to a worldwide network of over 500 trading relationships with asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, local investment dealers, pension funds, private equity funds and other institutional investors.

Our teams offer pricing and distribution expertise in Investment Grade, High Yield, Illiquid, Private Placements (structured and non-structured), Distressed and Emerging Markets (Latin America, Caribbean, sub Saharan Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe). We also specialise in sourcing and placing Loans including Paris Club, Claims (including names like Swissair, Glitnir, Kaupthing, Lehman, Madoff), Recovery Situations and Restructured Bonds.

We focus primarily on hard currency situations but are also active in local currency markets. SwissInvest provides price indications for many illiquid, distressed and Emerging Market bonds, as well as for new performing debt in frontier markets. Indicative prices are provided on SwissInvest’s Bloomberg pricing screen (SICL).